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Electronic Security

CAT’s Electronic Security ranges vastly from intruder alarms, access control, integrated security systems and CCTV.


CCTV Cameras

CAT’s CCTV Cameras are of the latest technology to ensure them to work in the most extreme environmental conditionals and at the lowest light levels. Our cameras range from Static cameras, Vandal Resistant Dome cameras, and HD cameras providing 720p images to Fully Functional Dome cameras or (PTZ’s). CAT can also provide an IP Solution to CCTV. Please see IP Solution on main page.

Digital Video Recordings (DVR)

At CAT we use a wide range of Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s) from 4 channels, 8 channels, 16 channels, 32 channels and 64 channels. The storage capacity ranges from 500GB hard drive to 12TB. CAT will calculate the amount of storage required for each client depending on their requirements. CAT also offers a Raid 6 Server solution which is fully mirrored redundancy. CAT can provide Remote CCTV Viewing through an iPhone and iPad APP.

CCTV monitors and video walls

CAT’s Flat Screen Display Monitors vary in size. These can be desk, wall or rack mounted depending on the clients’ requirements. CAT also offers a Video Wall solution for major Integrated Security Solutions.


CAT offers an ANPR Digital Management system to keep track of vehicles entering and leaving a client premises. The ANPR system can be integrated into barrier systems to automatically open when a valid registration number plate has been read.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarm control panels

At CAT we only use the best Intruder Alarm Panels on the market. The Intruder Control Panel is the main hub of a system which allows the system to monitor and respond to any event. Part of the Control Panels main functions is to signal the events via monitoring equipment such as BT Redcare or CSL DualComs to a Remote Monitoring Station, or (ARC). BT Redcares and CSL DualComs can also be used to monitor the state of and Intruder Alarm System to check the AC mains power and the Battery backup are healthy. The Control Panel can also be used to switch on lights or send text messages to mobile phones in the event of and activation.

Wireless intruder alarms

CAT also offers a Wireless Intruder Alarm System. The Wireless Systems use a unique spread spectrum technology for continuous connectivity to the remote devices. Wireless Systems offer the benefit of minimal cabling and easy alterations to properties.

Detection devices

CAT’s Detection devices use the latest technology so they perform to the highest ability. Each Dual Tech detector has Dual core signal processor which supports a multitude of advanced functions including digital fluorescent light filtering, digital adaptive microwave and bi-directional temperature control. These features minimise false alarms and maximise detection of intruders. CAT use a range of door contacts to suit each individual doors needs as there are so many types. These range from flush fit, surface fit, to roller shutter and heavy duty contacts.

Personal attack alarms

CAT’s Personal Attack Alarms are of double push type to minimise accidental activation. Personal Attack Alarms can be monitored by a Remote Central Station or (ARC) to enable help to be called immediately.

Integrated Security Systems

Integrated Security Systems

CAT is a specialist in Integrated Security Systems. We specialise in bringing Intruder Alarm Systems, Access Control and CCTV to a dedicated control room where all of these systems are run by PC based software. CAT has extensive knowledge with Honeywell WinPak and Cortech Developments Datalog 4.

CAT is able to provide a full IP Solution on a dedicated Security Network to a dedicated control room. This will include a fully IP CCTV Camera System, an IP Access Control System and Intruder Alarm Systems that also sits on a network via an Ethernet Module. These systems will be controlled by the end user through PC’s and Keyboards for the camera system.

Perimeter Protection – PIDS

Beams. Guardwire and Redscan Laser

CAT offers a wide range of Perimeter Protection from Infra-Red Beams, Guardwire and Redscan Laser protection. These systems can be monitored remotely and locally through an Intruder Alarm system, or can be fully integrated into an Intruder Alarm and CCTV system. The Redscan Laser protection can work over a dedicated IP Security Network or existing customers IP Network as well as being hard wired into an Intruder Alarm System.

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